Allison’s coaching and constructive feedback focuses on developing a more natural-looking, unique, and brandable image on stage.

Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all formula, Allison’s approach is to uncover the aspects of each individual performer or group and build from there. Allison always starts with observing a performance (whether a rehearsal or a show), so she can get a clear picture of body language, movement, and overall performance style. Then, she can give a professional critique and begin working on areas that need improvement.

Live performance coaching can also include everything from staging and song choice to show production. Allison is gifted in helping each individual become a more unique performer.

As a Certified Life Coach, Allison offers her expertise to a variety of creative types: from singers and players to authors and other industry professionals. This active form of personal coaching is focused on establishing goals, confronting roadblocks and moving forward, in a confidential and comfortable environment.

This service provides the opportunity to work on the whole self, which is incredibly important in this industry. Life coaching is all about action, helping each client make a plan and identify practical steps to reach their goals. Allison found herself providing this service unofficially for years to artists who needed help figuring out issues that reached beyond the boundaries of vocal or performance coaching. So she enrolled in the Institute for Life Coach Training, which gave her the foundation to help individuals get beyond barriers and make the most of their talents -- and their lives.

​Allison’s approach to vocal coaching is to treat each session as if they are in the studio, and her role is very much like that of a producer. If there are basic vocal issues that need to be fixed, she addresses those and moves forward, but the primary focus isn’t on the basics, it’s building on each individual’s talent and skills ​in relation ​to the music they are singing right now. ​
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